The Astonishing Revelations of Edward Snowden

When Edward Snowden leaked out information about the NSA and U.S. government spying, people were shocked. They had no idea that the government would spy on its own citizens or that corporations would cooperate with the government to help spy on American citizens.

So to help you fully understand the severe nature of Edward Snowden’s leaks regarding government spying on its own people, here’s a list of other secrets he revealed beyond the information the news media listed:

More Amazing and Revealing Leaks from Edward Snowden

  • Water is wet
  • Fire is hot
  • Gravity makes things fall to the ground
  • The government wastes most of the money they take from the tax payers
  • Politicians are corrupt
  • The rich influence politicians to pass laws that favor the rich at the expense of everyone else
  • If you have money, you get more justice from the justice system than a poor person
  • Racism still exists
  • Buying drugs from the drug cartels supports their activities in killing and extorting others
  • CEOs make obscene amounts of money for doing relatively little but taking credit for a lot
  • Pornography exists on the Internet
  • People prefer reality TV over actual reality

As you can see from this extensive, previously unleaked list, Edward Snowden has completely opened our eyes to facts that we didn’t know could possibly be true. Who knew that our own government would spy on us or that corporations would aid them in the process while remaining silent on the matter? Now that you’ve seen what other secrets Edward Snowden revealed, you can see how serious its revelations really can be in harming national security. After all, if people are made aware of the obvious, they can no longer pretend to cling to the fantasies the government tries to foist on the public to keep them complacent and happy.