It Can’t Happen Here

Sinclair Lewis once wrote a novel about a fascist dictator taking over the United States. The novel, called “It Can’t Happen Here,” shows how easily Americans could be swayed to support a fascist dictator since it’s always easier to blame others for a nation’s problems rather than take an honest, objective look at the problem and find solutions using brains instead of military might.

But not using the military to force nations other nations to work for our benefit isn’t what many extremists want. After all, they prefer being a bully rather than thinking and cooperating because thinking and cooperating takes too long when it’s easier just to beat somebody up instead.

If Sinclair Lewis’ novel can’t convince that it can happen here, perhaps you’d like to read the story of an American teacher who created a fascist movement in his classroom during the 60’s when many American students were already fed up with the government.

These students willingly went along with their teacher, even to the point of turning on each other. Each day, the teacher created new rules that made the students’ lives tougher and harsher, yet because the change was so gradual, the students went along with it.

Finally when the experiment went too far, the teacher stopped it, but his exercise proved his point that it’s far too easy for people to support fascism than you might think. After all, if people willingly spend money supporting Kim Kardashian, it makes fascism look good in comparison.

To read how a California teacher convinced his class to embrace fascism, click here. Then you can use this story as a warning to others. The only problem is that it will only warn people willing to think, and those are the people in the minority of any nation.