Donald Trump Goes Overseas

If the title of this blog post sounds like a Dr. Seuss children’s book title, you’re right. Donald Trump is heading to the Middle East for his first overseas trip as President and he’s not happy about it. The reason is simple.

Donald Trump wants to be in control. When he’s in his own hotels or resorts, he’s totally in control because his staff knows what foods he likes and he knows what to expect from living on his own properties.

Now when he goes overseas, he must stay in a strange hotel, eat unfamiliar foods, and follow a rigid schedule that he didn’t  create. No wonder Donald Trump prefers that others fly to meet him rather than him flying to meet other foreign leaders.

In the comfort of his own world, Donald Trump can control everything from the food and sleeping accommodations to the schedule. When Donald Trump goes overseas, all of those familiar landmarks disappear. Imagine taking a little kid’s security blanket away from him and forcing him to stay in a strange home, eating unfamiliar foods, and following a schedule that forces him to be somewhere at all times. That’s a complete loss of freedom and that’s why Donald Trump has shied away from overseas traveling.

So what can we expect from any overseas trip taken by Donald Trump? First, expect a lot of rudeness, arrogance, and disrespect to other cultures and world leaders. Donald Trump knows what he likes and what others will give him will be something he doesn’t like.

Give an immature kid something they don’t like and what will happen? They’ll eventually throw a temper tantrum and misbehave. All we have to do is look at the pictures of Donald Trump’s face as he meets various world leaders to see how much he dislikes being out of control of his own life.

Besides acting immature and throwing temper tantrums, we can also expect Donald Trump to say something inconsiderate at best, or downright rude at worse. That’s because Donald Trump has no problems saying what’s on his mind because he’s used to people accepting that.

In the sanctuary of the Trump Towers, Donald Trump gets his way all the time. In the unfamiliar setting of a foreign country, Donald Trump will never get his way all the time and that’s going to make him uncomfortable. When Donald Trump gets uncomfortable, he’s going to act out with the wrong choice of words or with the wrong choice of action.

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to behave in public because he’s never had to do so in his entire life. What would happen if you brought an unruly infant to a church service? Would that toddler stay quiet so others could enjoy the service? Or would that toddler scream, cry, throw things, and whine until he gets what he wants?

What do you think will happen when Donald Trump goes overseas? Whatever does happen, chances are good it’s going to be memorable in one form or another.

This is history in the making. What’s more enjoyable than watching the slow-motion train wreck of Donald Trump going overseas is watching Donald Trump’s supporters (Fox News) try to emphasize only the positive elements of this trip while completing ignoring the negative aspects.

The next few days should be amusing for everyone except for Donald Trump. If his behavior doesn’t mimic a spoiled brat, then we can truly say Donald Trump has grown into the presidency. But chances are, we’ll never have to say that because it won’t happen. You can thank Donald Trump for that.