How to F*ck Up Like Donald Trump

Hey everybody! If you admire Donald Trump and don’t mind his behavior, then chances are good you’d like to use Donald Trump as a role model. Better yet, think about how your children could grow up and be exactly like Donald Trump. Think that’s impossible? Absolutely not.

Just start by teaching your kids to disrespect anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Even better, not only disrespect them but blame them for the very same problems you created for yourself. If anyone isn’t obviously 100% enthralled with who you are and your behavior, then they’re obviously been influenced by fake news so the answer is simple. Everyone should believe you just because you tell them to. What could be easier than that?

For those who seek advice on how to become like Donald Trump, there’s now a new book that gives clear guidance for how you (or your kids) can model their actions, thoughts, and behavior to be like Donald Trump.

Called “How to F*ck Up Like Donald Trump,” this book provides clear steps for how you too can achieve massive success in your own life by stepping on others, blaming others for problems you created, taking credit for solutions others created, and insulting your way to the top using fear, hatred, and lies to do it.

If Donald Trump is the type of person you respect, then change your own life to more closely match your hero. After all, if one Donald Trump can bring the world closer to global disaster, think of what an entire nation of Donald Trump imitators could do to bring down honesty, respect, and courtesy across the planet and even the solar system? (Think big. That’s the Donald Trump way.)

So be sure to pick up your copy of “How to F*ck Up Like Donald Trump” today! You won’t be disappointed, unless, of course, fake news tries to convince you otherwise.