Think and Grow Rich

One of the greatest self-help books of all time is ┬áNapoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” While most people want success, they often don’t clarify exactly what they want. If you don’t know what you want, chances are you’ll never get it.

This is the reason why so many people go through life wanting happiness but not knowing what that really means. Because they don’t have a clear goal of what will bring them happiness, they simply live day to day, looking for any opportunities that might bring them happiness. That essentially means choosing short-term goals at the expense and complete absence of long-term goals.

Imagine if you wanted to drive out of Los Angeles. If you had no goal, you might simply take whatever road looks best at the moment, and turn at every intersection depending on what’s easiest. After a week, where do you think you’ll be? At a place that will make you happy? Probably not. Yet that’s exactly how most people go through life without a goal or a direction.

In “Think and Grow Rich,” the first key is to define exactly what you want. Most people say they want more money, but they never define how they want to earn that money. It’s one thing to hope for more money through winning the lottery, but it’s another to actively work to make that extra money.

There are a million different ways to make money. If you constantly choose what you think is easiest or most profitable, you’ll always be looking fo a better opportunity somewhere else. That means the second you think of something better, you’ll drop your plans today to chase something else tomorrow. The moment tomorrow’s plan doesn’t look as good as a newer idea, you’ll drop tomorrow’s plan in favor of something even newer.

“Think and Grow Rich” emphasizes that you not only need a goal to give you direction, but you also need the desire to achieve that goal. Most people don’t define a goal. Those who do define a goal often don’t have the desire to do the work to achieve that goal. They simply want the rewards of that goal without the work, and that’s a recipe for failure every time.

“Think and Grow Rich” is a remarkable book that can help you identify the goal you ant to achieve and help you understand that the only way you’l ever achieve a worthwhile goal is through desire.

Any goal is fine as long as you have a burning desire to achieve that goal. Strip away a burning desire and all you have are goals that you’ll never achieve because the first obstacle that pops up will discourage you into trying something else.

Goals and desire. Those two simple keys are what you need to achieve any success in your life. If more people would only read and re-read “Think and Grow Rich,” they might find their greatest dreams are within reach after all.