You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man

There’s a saying that you can’t cheat an honest man. That’s because an honest man won’t fall for con games but dishonest people will, and that’s exactly how con artists fleece unsuspecting victims.

A con game typically offers a victim something enticing for nothing. Once the victim wants this bait, then the con artist springs the trap and forces the victim to put up some money to get the bait. Sometimes the upfront money is large and sometimes it’s small, but it almost always forces the victim to pay first.

Then the victim never gets the bait and because the victim tried to cheat, he or she can’t go to the police to report the con and get the con artist in trouble.

If you want to avoid getting cheated, the best solution is to stop hoping for easy money. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Another way to avoid con games is to understand how they work. “The Big Con” is a fascinating book that explains how con artists scammed people during the Depression. Not only did con artists work alone or in small groups, but they also worked in massive groups where they created phony businesses filed with shills.

When the con artist would introduce the victim into this phony business, they would think it was legitimate since they couldn’t imagine so many con artists working together just to fleece a single victim, but that’s exactly what con artists did.

While “The Big Con” explains how con artists fleeced victims, “The Sting” is a movie that shows how they actually did it. Based on “The Big Con,” “The Sting” tells the story of a small time con artist who accidentally steals money from a mob money runner. Now the mob boss is trying to find and kill him.

The mob boss sends hit men to kill the con artist but they only wind up killing the con artist’s partner instead. Now the con artist wants to get back at the mob boss by fleecing him through something known as the big con.

The big con involves creating a fake business such as a race horse betting parlor and convincing the victim that there’s a way to cheat the betting parlor.

If you have never seen con artists at work, watch “The Sting” and then read “The Big Con.” You’ll be amazed at the audacity of con artists and learn how they think and trick their victims. Once you understand how con artists work, you’ll be better equipped to recognize con games that may try to fleece you one day.

Con artists will always exist and one day, you’re going to run into one. To avoid becoming a victim, learn about con artists now. Education is the best solution to keeping your money. Being honest is the second best solution, so together with education, honesty and education will keep con artists away from stealing your money.