See You At The Top

One of the most popular motivational speakers of the past few decades was a man named Zig Ziglar. His first book, “See You At The Top” was based on his motivational speeches he used to give and they come packed with plenty of stories and guidelines for achieving success.

Basically this book is a manual that teaches you how to be successful in whatever you wish to do. The main reason why so many people are not successful is never about their skills, talents, education, or luck. Most people are not successful because they’ve never taken the time to define for themselves what it means to be a success.

For too many people, success means lots of money, fame, and power, yet it’s so easy to see celebrities with millions of dollars committing suicide or simply losing their money over time. Top athletes earn millions during their careers, yet many of them are broke by the end of their careers. Money, fame, and power occur because you are successful. They are not goals in themselves.

As Zig Ziglar explains in his book, the first step to becoming successful is having a goal, whatever that goal might be. Everyone will have different goals that may achieve different financial rewards, and that’s fine. The important point is to have a definite goal to aim for.

It’s not enough to want a lot of money. You have can achieve that in a million different ways from selling toilet paper to investing in real estate to inventing something new. Don’t focus on the rewards of success. Focus on your goal.

Without a goal, even the most talented person has no direction and with no direction, you’ll wind up going nowhere despite your talent, skill, or luck. You absolutely need to define a goal that you want to achieve regardless of what others think or want for you. Define a goal for yourself and you’ll be far ahead of most people.

Once you know what goal you want to achieve (and you can always choose another goal once you achieve your first one), then you can focus your energy towards achieving that goal, even i f you can only spend a little time pursuing that goal each day. The important point is to keep moving steadily towards that goal.

So the two steps to real success are:

  • Define a goal
  • Work towards achieving that goal

Success is within the reach of everyone. Some people will naturally have a harder time than others achieving their goals based on their goals and their circumstances, but you absolutely need a goal to give you a direction and then you need to work on achieving that goal day by day.

Zig Ziglar says the path to success is simple. Help enough people reach their goals and they’ll help you reach your own goals. Achieving any goal is a lot easier with the help of other people.

There are plenty of motivational books on the market and more arriving everyday, but if you want to read an easy, folksy type of motivational books, “See You At The Top” is one of the best that you can’t go wrong reading and referencing time and time again.

As a side note, Zig Ziglar may have been one of the most popular and influential motivational speakers when he was alive, yet in his book, he talks about how he started as a lousy salesman who did a poor job selling. That means if he could start out as a below average person and achieve success, then his ideas that worked for him will likely work for everyone else as well.

“See You At The Top” should be on everyone’s bookshelf. As Zig Ziglar once said, motivational books aren’t meant to be read once and set aside, but meant to be read again and again. Just as you bathe or shower regularly because getting clean doesn’t work just once, so you should constantly read and be inspired by motivational books, tapes, and seminars time and time again.

Read “See You At The Top” and see if it doesn’t give you hope and guidance for achieving the dreams in your life.