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Welcome to my blog where I hope you’ll be entertained by my humorous writings and thoughts that you can share with others. If I write something you don’t agree with, don’t get mad. I’m not personally trying to threaten your world. I’m just trying to show that there’s always a different point of view on every topic and that there may not be a single, “sacred” viewpoint that everyone must agree on. Fair enough?

Now let me tell you about myself. I grew up in a typical Asian family that emphasized education as the most important goal in the world. I got a bachelor’s degree in materials science and a master’s degree in computer science, but don’t judge me based on my past accomplishments because what I’ve done decades ago has little relevance for who I am today.

Being educated in universities taught me one thing in particular. College prepared me for studying, taking tests, and getting grades so I could move on to more advanced courses. College in no way prepared me for basic life skills like knowing how to spend money and pay my bills, understanding how to establish and nurture relationships with others, or how to continually improve myself once I graduated from school.

In short, college basically prepared me for a life of staying in school for the rest of my life. Once I left the pretty campuses and artificial world of academia, I realized I was woefully unprepared for the basics of living in the real world. That’s why I had to learn how to deal with life by making mistakes, reading books, attending seminars, and learning from mentors. Basically learning stuff I thought formal education should have taught me years ago.

College gave me the false impression that once you graduate with a degree, you’re set for life. I thought companies would have to hire you because you have a college degree and they would have to keep promoting you with raises because you had a college degree. Then I thought I could retire comfortably all because at one time in my life, I had taken the time to get a college degree.

So my fantasy was that a college degree would pave the way for an easy life forever, in a world where I would never be challenged, confronted, or questioned. Life was supposed to be smooth sailing from graduating until the final end.

Of course, life never works out that way. Along the way I’ve done lots of things to keep myself amused that basically taught me that the best way to pursue your dreams is simply to learn how to teach yourself. I’ve worked as a standup comedian, freelance writer, ghostwriter, computer programmer, magazine editor, professional blogger, and book author.

What I’ve discovered is that a college degree is nice, but not crucial or even necessary to succeed in life. After all, if knowledge is power, how come so many college professors aren’t powerful in influencing the world? Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian influence the world more than every┬ácollege professor in the world, and they make more money too. Think they would want to trade their lives with any college professor on the planet?

Ultimately, there’s no correlation between education and success. The best you can hope for is to run into like-minded people who can help each other on their journey to a better life. Sometimes that may involve going to a school for training, often times that means learning to blaze your own trail in life, not being afraid of making mistakes and making yourself look foolish, and persisting in your goals until you achieve them or die trying.

So when you see Asian students doing well in school, just realize that it’s not the grades or degrees they earn that’s important. What will really make them a success is when they’re pursuing their own dreams and developing habits that will allow them to be successful in whatever field they choose.

Not all Asians are intelligent. In fact, there are plenty of stupid ones in every Asian family. They’re called relatives, and if you can show me a single family (Asian or otherwise) that doesn’t have a single stupid relative, I’ll show you a family that’s got someone chained to a metal post in a sound-proof basement underneath their house.

So the purpose of this site is simply to rebel against the common myths and fantasies that hold you back from defining who you are in life. I’ll share my thoughts and feelings about the world and hopefully entertain you in the process. I know you’re bombarded by information every day so I hope visiting my site will help bring a smile to your face, inspire you to pursue your own dreams, and keep your spirits up so you can create your own life and happiness in whatever form that may be.

If you’re interested in my other interests, I’d love for you to visit my other sites:

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Like many people, I have multiple interests and goals. feel free to visit this site and any of my other sites to find what interests you the most. Thanks for visiting, and please tell others about my sites if you find them useful in any way.

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